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Mindfulness in recent years has certainly gained a lot of popularity. However it does in fact draw upon the 2,500 year legacy of mindfulness teaching in Buddhism. But you don't need to be spiritual or have religious beliefs to undertake mindfulness and to gain benefit from it.

Mindfulness is a technique that can be taught to people to become more aware of being in the present moment. To pay more attention as to what is going on with your own body and to what is happening around you, but in a non-judgmental way. Being more 'in the now' allows us to be not stuck in the past or anxious about our future, but enjoy living more in the present.

What can Mindfulness help with?

It can help with many things including; 


  • Reducing stress

  • Improving health and wellbeing

  • Getting better quality sleep

  • Improving concentration

  • Getting better clarity and focus

  • Improving relationships

  • Reducing anxiety and depression

What to expect in your mindfulness sessions

Our Experience

Mindfulness promotes relaxation as it aims to quieten your busy mind that is normally full of thoughts about the past and future. Not only are there meditations, but also other techniques are taught, such as being mindful in movement. Plus exercises for breathing and for getting out of the 'auto pilot' mode that we often walk around in and instead being in more fully in the moment and looking at the World with fresh eyes. 

After your Mindfulness sessions you should not only feel relaxed and refreshed, but also be equipped to put into practice the Mindfulness techniques taught and be able to incorporate them into your daily life.

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