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Reaching out and seeking help may seem overwhelming for you, but accepting you need support is the first step to changing your life.  Whatever you've tried in the past, whether that be self-help books, or visiting your GP, or local NHS support - we at Clarity Well-Being Clinic Nuneaton can really help... it's what we're trained to do.


You can expect to speak with a trained Counsellor or Psychotherapist within 24 hours of making your enquiry.  We aim to see you as quickly as possible and you can expect a discreet service that's tailor-made to your specific needs.  


After making contact with us, either by phone, email or contact form, we will contact you to discuss your requirements.  We'll then make recommendations of the therapists best suited to support you.


We will then pass on your details to the relevant therapist to allocate an appointment date and time, based on your availability.


We are able to offer a wide range of therapies and interventions, to help you. 


Counselling is a process of working through your concerns with a trained professional.  Often this is short-term with the aim of helping you find a more effective and satisfying way to live your life. This could be through a number of techniques including cognitive behavioural therapy and person-centred techniques.


Psychotherapy is similar as it explored your issues but at a deeper level, which may involve a longer-term treatment to fully discover the root causes of any issue you have.


Our therapists are trained in many different techniques​ and will develop a custom programme best suited to your individual requirements, following your initial assessment.


If there is a technique that you are interested in, then we can also accommodate a specific model​ based on your request.


The relationship between you and your therapist is key to your therapy. We are confident that ​all our therapists are experts in making this connection, providing a solid foundation to your sessions and development.

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