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Liz White

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Liz is a qualified Counsellor & Psychotherapist with years of experience.  Liz supports adults and young people (16 yrs +).  Liz is a person-centred therapist.


Counsellor & Psychotherapist


I support: Adults & young people (16 years +)


Availability: Mon, Thurs, Fri & Weekends


Cost: £40 per session


Therapies: Humanistic Therapy

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Hello from me Liz, I am a qualified psychotherapist and person centred counsellor being no stranger to times of need myself. I know and believe in the beneficial outcomes of safe therapy and understand how daunting taking the first step can seem. I want to share that it doesn't have to be. I have worked in many varying settings from prisons, to NHS facilities as well as corporate and private encountering all things human along the way.

Humanistic therapy allows us to re-connect with ourselves and others in a way that grants the time and space required to make sense of our emotions in relation to who we are, valuing the richness of each person’s unique experience, whatever this may be.

I work with individuals, couples and groups in a strictly confidential way guided by the BACP ethical framework to ensure safety and best practice. The working relationship is completely for your benefit while I am guided by your objectives; my hope is for you to feel truly able to open your inner world as freely as possible. A successful therapeutic relationship should keep you safe in doing so while you work through your specific issues.

I firmly believe in an egalitarian approach and aim to ease any initial anxieties as a warm and compassionate therapeutic working partner.  It is my job to hold the space for you to explore your difficulties in a way that you feel able to do so while making sense of your emotions knowing you are supported. With increased understanding through personal growth healing can begin benefiting your life going forwards.

My specialist areas of interest are Sexual Abuse & Trauma, Addictions & Relapse Prevention, Refugees & Displacement, ASD & SEN

I am always happy to have pre-therapy discussion to ensure you feel comfortable you can work with me.  

Please do feel free to contact me.

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