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Talking Therapies Clarity Wellbeing Clinic Nuneaton CV10 0AL


We loose people close to us throughout our life time, whether that be a friend, family member or loved one, and sometimes we can’t be prepared for it.  Whilst some people are able to carry on with  daily life, some of us can find it more of a challenge.  Sometimes we just don’t want to or don’t feel able to talk to friends and family members about how we’re really feeling.  So, if you’re finding the death of a loved one difficult to come to terms with, you are more likely to experience a stress-related illness with a range of physical and psychological symptoms. 


Bereavement therapy is a specialised type of counselling.  It can help support you through this difficult time, exploring your thoughts, feeling and emotions in safe space.  Some people can experience shock, guilt, numbness, anxiety, anger and sadness and this can last for days, weeks, months or even years in some cases. 


Let us tell you some of what we’ve learnt.  There’s no set timeframe for grief, sometimes its over in a matter of days whilst some people experience it for years.  Certain situations, smells, places, things and even songs can provoke a memory, triggering a greater sense of sadness.  It’s been our experience that this typically lessens over time and feeling become less intense.  We tend to remember those we loved, but learn new ways of dealing with their passing.  There’s thought to be many stages of grief and loss, and we can flit between these, experiencing multiple at times, but this too passes over time.


Our team of specialist counsellors and psychotherapists have worked with those affected by bereavement and loss. Experience includes Macmillan Cancer Support and Coping with Cancer, Leicester.  We’ve learnt that everyone's experience of loss and grief can be very different.  We support both friends and family members of those who have passed away.


• You can self-refer to counselling. Just give us a call on 02477 180333 or email to make an appointment. 

• We offer flexible appointments at a time that's convenient for you 

• We aim to offer a safe, welcoming environment 

• Tailored therapeutic plan 

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