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Wendy Tarr Counsellor & Reiki Practitioner Nuneaton

Wendy Tarr

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Wendy is a BACP Registered Counsellor with extensive experience. She has a service award for her work within bereavement support  and many years working at an NHS Surgery. Wendy works closely with people living with anxiety and those looking to gently recover from any kind of life trauma.


Counsellor & Psychotherapist


I support: Adults


Availability: Thur 10am-2pm, Fri 11am-2pm & 5pm-8pm.


Cost: £45 per session.

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Therapies: Person-centred & Holistic 



If you’re struggling with anxiety, feeling overwhelmed and distressed, or have become lost in your current situation, please know that you can reach out to me for help and support.


I've worked with many people struggling with anxiety and those living with trauma, resulting from a variety of life circumstances, incidents and experiences. I know the benefits of helping you find a way to connect, rebalance and release what no longer serves you, and I am passionate about helping you find the peace you desire, in a way that feels safe and supportive. 


I've worked for MIND the mental health charity, at a Bereavement Centre working with complex grief and more recently within an NHS Surgery providing counselling for patients and the wider community.  


In my private practice my experience and expertise enables me to offer counselling for numerous issues.


Whatever has led you to this page you can be assured of a professional and compassionate service to provide you with the support you’re looking for.


I am committed to recognising your unique circumstances, difficulties and experiences. I will offer you time and space, and support you each step of the way, working sensitively and thoughtfully with anything you may need to talk about. 


At this point in time you may be feeling exhausted, confused and helpless, possibly having struggled for some time, keeping much of your suffering 

to yourself. If this is familiar, then it's likely you're also feeling uncertain and anxious about the future, and finding it increasingly difficult to cope with the waves of emotion you're experiencing.  


In a confidential setting, I will offer you space to be listened to and understood. Possibly providing you with your first opportunity to feel heard. As your counselling progresses, and with my support, you can begin to develop new perspectives that offer you greater insight into your situation and everything you have been through. The awareness you gain over time can help you feel more in control, able to make clearer decisions and overall much calmer and more self-assured. 


All of this happens at your own pace, with the promise of my knowledge and experience to help you navigate your way through.  


Your first appointment with me will include time dedicated to begin talking through your reasons for coming to counselling and discussing how we can work together. With the opportunity to ask any questions and voice any concerns you may have.  


Counsellor for MIND the mental health charity

Key areas of work: Anxiety, depression, addiction, abuse, relationships. 


Bereavement Counsellor at a local hospice

Key areas of work: Bereavement, complex grief, creative therapy, support group facilitator. 


Counsellor at an NHS Doctor’s Surgery

Key areas of work: Stress, anxiety, depression, health worries, bereavement, trauma, PTSD. 


Somatic Trauma Therapy for Post-Traumatic Stress (PTSD) 


Wendy is a Registered Member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).


Please get in touch to make an appointment with Wendy.

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