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Addiction Counselling


It’s estimated that two million people in the UK are battling an addiction according to Action on Addiction. 


Addiction can affect our relationships, careers and everything in between.  Whilst some addicts appear to be able to function with daily tasks, some may be less able to do so.  We see that some addicts are able to go days without their drug of choice i.e. alcohol, drugs, sex whilst some use everyday.


Addiction comes in many forms including alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, narcotics, prescription or any other drug(s).  Also, many people are addicted to sex and/or masturbation, gambling, work, internet access, solvents or shopping.  Some addicts are addicted to multiple drugs and behaviours. 

What can prompt you to seek addiction counselling?

• Perhaps family or loved ones have mentioned their concerns about your addictive behaviour?

• Maybe friends or family members have asked you to seek help? 

• Maybe you and your wife/husband/partner are living apart as a result of your addiction?

• Perhaps you're finding it hard to function when you don't have drugs or alcohol? 

• Perhaps your addiction is impacting your health and/or relationships?


Whom ever or whatever prompted you to seek therapy, it is always more advantageous when the addicted person seeks therapy for themselves.  Long term sobriety tends to be more achievable for those who engage in the process for themselves.

What have you tried already?

Our Experience

It can feel like you've tried everything already.  Cutting back or stopping all together just hasn't worked. Maybe you’ve tried 12 step programmes or support groups, but these haven't helped either.  


Here, at Clarity Well-Being Clinic, you will be given the time and space to explore and understand the driving forces behind your addiction.  You will benefit from the opportunity to learn new skills and techniques, allowing you to better manage your addiction in the future (both during and after therapy).

Our team of specialist counsellors and psychotherapists have worked within the addiction field for some time.  Some have been employed in rehabilitation units and have extensive knowledge and experience working with alcohol, drug and substance misuse.  This includes working with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, relationship breakdown and so much more.

Our Experience

Benefits of Counselling

• Confidential, non-judgemental environment in which you can discuss your concerns, emotions and feelings.

• In depth understanding of 1. your addiction, and 2. cross addiction. 

• Space to discuss and work through difficult issues such as low self-esteem, depression and anxiety. 

• A safe environment to explore private matters such as sex life/desires and relationship issues.

• Support for family members who may be finding it difficult coming to terms with your addiction.

Why choose Clarity Well-Being Clinic?

• You can self-refer to counselling. Just give us a call on 02477 180333 or email to make an appointment. 

• We offer a free initial telephone consultation with Ryan, the practice manager, so you can be put in touch with the right therapist for you as we believe not one therapist fits all

• We offer flexible appointments at a time that's convenient for you 

• We aim to offer a safe, welcoming environment 

• Tailored therapeutic plan