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Clarity Well-Being Clinic

Welcome to the Clarity Well-Being Clinic, a wonderful private practice with two locations in the heart of Nuneaton Town & Weddington. Here on these pages you will find reassurance, information and inspiration. 

There's a friendly helpful team of very dedicated independent professional associate therapists. You will find out about how we each work, the kind of help available and how this can change your life and that of your loved ones. 

Our team is made up of counsellors, psychotherapists, mindfulness practitioners, hypnotherapists, life and career coaches, family mediators, clinical supervisors and Reiki practitioners.  So we take care of your mental health and wellbeing from every angle.

We support men, women, couples, children & young people. You can simply contact us directly and there's no need for a GP referral.

Or, as an employee you can come for counselling and our other services, via your employer.

We fully understand that everyone has their own story to tell. We also believe that you deserve time, space, empathy, acceptance and understanding.  So, you can truly relax here and allow yourself to make a start. This is where you begin to see that our services can change your life forever. 


Meet us, contact us and arrange your initial contact.  Our lines are open 24/7 and our clinics are open everyday...



Clarity Wellbeing Clinics are Operating a COVID-19 COMPLIANT Facility

Before visiting our premises please read the important information to ensure that you can stay safe and help others too during your visit.


COVID-19 – How to stay safe at Clarity Wellbeing Clinics.


What we are doing:

  • We will consult with you prior to offering an appointment. This will assess your suitability for face to face appointments, and any risk factors associated with seeing you in person.  This also looks at symptoms and exposure to others with Covid19.

  • We will ask for written consent to confirm you wish to meet with us.

  • We will discuss the measures we have put in place to help minimise the risk of transmission.

  • We will check your temperature on arrival. If you temperature is above 38°c, we will not permit entry to the clinic and advise you to return home and speak with the NHS

  • Face masks must be worn at all times during your visit to the clinic, unless you have written proof, demonstrating exemption. This includes during therapy session(s).

  • We will not provide drinks for the foreseeable future. Tap water may be provided in a plastic disposable cup, and you must take this cup with you and dispose of it. 

  • Our toilet facilities are out of action 

  • We are operating a “no-touch” environment. This includes with payments & contracting. 

  • We are staggering our appointments, allowing 10-15 minute gaps between our clients. This allows us time to ensure the room is cleaned down for your arrival.

  • We are permitting a maximum of 3 clinicians in our clinics, at all times. 

  • Where possible, attend your appointment on your own. If you have a carer or parent, we will endeavour to allow them access. However, there is a maximum of 2 people permitted in our waiting room at any time.

  • Please do NOT arrive any earlier than your agreed appointment time. If you arrive earlier, we will advise you to wait in your car.

  • If you are a new client, we will email a contract for you to sign before your first appointment. This is to minimise the chance of transmission. 

  • We are removing non essential ornaments, cushions and other non essential decorative items, to help minimise transmission.

  • During sessions we are staying a minimum of the recommend 2 metres distance apart

  • Hand sanitiser is available as soon as you enter the premises and in our rooms. Please use these.

  • Our clinics are incorporating additional deep cleaning and disinfection procedures. This includes cleaning down door handles, sofas, chairs and surfaces.

  • Please adhere to the yellow tape found throughout the clinic, demonstrating the 2 meter distance between you, the therapist and other clients at all times.

  • Our clinicians will change their masks between sessions.

  • We are following and continually update our procedures to comply with government guidelines given regarding COVID-19

  • We are a responsible organisation and have taken positive action to reduce the risk of spreading germs in our clinics

  • Please do not eat or consume anything purchased outside, in our clinics.

  • Our clinicians are undertaking additional training and complying with our new policies and procedures.


Therapists are requested to:

  • For new clients our clinicians will consult with you to discuss your suitability for face to face, online or telephone appointments. They will conduct a risk-assessment. If we are unable to provide face to face support, online or telephone support will be offered.

  • Change PPE between each client

  • Contact you if they have any symptoms or come into contact with anyone who has symptoms. They will do this as soon as they become aware

  • Provide us (the clinic) with your name and contact details. These details will remain confidential, and used only in the instance of track and trace.

  • Practise social distancing. Keeping at least 2 metre away from clients and at least two metres away during sessions. Avoid shaking hands

  • There is disinfectant and anti-bacterial wipes in every therapy room, and in the client lounge. Therapists are required to wipe their rooms down before you enter and immediately when you leave the space. Specifically focussing on wiping door handles, table tops and arms and backs of chairs

  • Communicate to you, their policy on cancellations, specifically relating to if you are unwell or have been abroad

  • Wash hands immediately before and after every client

  • Discard all tissues you leave, in the bins outside the building

What you can do:

  • If you have any symptoms, or have been near anyone with symptoms, then please let your therapist know and follow the NHS advice

  • Use the wall mounted hand sanitiser on entering the building and when you leave – Push once and rub solution into hands

  • Wash your hands as often as practical

  • We have retained our water facilities and suggest everyone gets their own. 

  • Please arrive for your appointment as close to your allocated time as possible, never any earlier. This will ensure that the numbers of people in the client lounge are kept to a minimum. When seating in the client lounge please choose a seat with the designated 2 metre distance from anyone else awaiting their appointment. Please come to your appointment on your own, where possible.


Limit the risk:

  • Avoid close contact with people, practice social distancing

  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in a bin

  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth

  • No handshaking

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds

  • Use your own cups where possible

  • If you have symptoms stay at home, let you therapist know and visit the NHS website


COVID-19 Symptoms:

  • Cough

  • Fever

  • Shortness of breath

The safety and welfare of our clients and therapists is our primary concern.  Please adhere to these policies, procedures and  guidelines, at all times. If you need anything clarifying, please contact the clinic manager on 02477 180333.

Different Therapists, Different Areas of Expertise...

Don't we all know that one size does not fit all? Here we offer local people a choice of private practitioners to see. Whilst you may not have a preference, some people are looking specifically for a therapeutic approach such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, or EMDR, for example. Other people want to come and talk to a counsellor with their partner. Others wish to come with their teenage child. Others want to see a female counsellor. And so on...

It matters very much that you see the person who feels right. Somehow 'the fit' has to feel right. These pages will help you to choose. And, if you are not sure, that's ok - contact us, and we can help.

Are you ready to take back control of your life? You are not a helpless victim. You always have the freedom to choose. Always. No exceptions. 

You make a choice. Make the choice to really care about how you feel and the way your life is heading. 

We know that people often think the way they feel isn't serious enough or doesn't warrant counselling / therapy. You don't have to be experiencing a crisis or trauma! 

In fact, so many people use the sessions as an opportunity to gain clarification, for preparation, closure, peace, harmony, confidence, better health, to move on, to let go, to save a relationship, to end a relationship, to understand (stop) an addiction, to find a way to accept themselves...

But.. you may be going through crisis. Sometimes life deals such harsh blows that our capacity to get through is seriously affected. So, please make contact.

Refreshing, Peaceful & Wonderfully Nourishing...

Deep down we all long for an internal calm and security, that comes from clarity, self-knowing and self-understanding. We find it fortifying. It strengthens. And we feel better. Much better.

This is why people keep coming! They know, they feel, they sense that something is changing for them. Make the choice to drop the mask for an hour or so...

Safe, Discrete, Refreshing & Flexible...

We all like to know what we can expect.  We promise discreet and flexible access to all of our services, at a time that's convenient to you.


We aim to work around you and your busy schedule, school runs, work commitments and whatever else you have going on. 


We promise a warm welcome with high-back chairs, comfy sofas, a cup of tea or coffee as well as access to WiFi on your visit.

Meet the Team

We all know that one size does not fit all.  We offer local people a choice of private practitioners.   


You can choose: the therapeutic approach, the time, frequency and day that we meet (7 days), the therapist and what we discuss and your goals.

All of our therapists are fully qualified and highly skilled.

Talking Therapies

We support men, women, couples, children and young people from our beautiful therapy suites in Nuneaton's' Town Centre.

Reaching out and asking for help may seem overwhelming.  But, accepting that you need support is the first step to changing your life forever. 


No matter what you've tried in the past - whether that be self-help books or visiting your GP  - we can really help...  and there's no need for a GP referral. Just contact us to book an appointment.

For support as individual as you are, reach out to us today...

Practitioner Room Hire

Our rooms were specifically and carefully designed to make the transition from the outside world, to therapy room, a seamless and tranquil experience – to set you and your client at perfect ease from the moment you reach Clarity’s centrally located building.

You can choose from a competitive ad-hoc hourly rate or a discounted hire plan, whichever is best suited to you. We will help and support you wherever you are in your career.

Client Testimonials

Lovely clinic beautiful premises made me feel so calm the therapist was so understanding put me completely at ease no judgment.  Wish I’d found him years ago I really feel like I may be able to heal
Highly recommend x

CLIENT: JJL - Nuneaton

RATING:  5/5 Stars - Excellent


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