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About Bally Bhathal

Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor & Hypnotherapist Nuneaton

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Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor & Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Who do I support?

Adults, couples, young people

& children

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Hi I'm Bally, thank you for visiting me. 

I'm a qualified counsellor and clinical hypnotherapist working with older children and teenagers, adults and couples.

I qualified from my initial counselling studies in 2004 and have since continued with various studies, training and personal development to keep me informed of new trends and on top of my practice as well as to deepen my areas of interest and passion.

All clients that I work with are offered a tailored counselling approach: this means that I work with you on your needs and challenges that best suit who you are, nothing is imposed upon you at any time. 

For clients that find it more difficult to talk yet recognise they want help with their issues, I am able to offer a more creative way of working: through writing, poetry, stories and drawing. These are all ways that can help you to express yourself and resolve your difficulties.

Relationship / Couples Counselling

For anyone experiencing relational problems or difficulties, you do not have to be married, it may be that your attending relationship counselling due to a relationship breakdown. You may consider relationship counselling to improve your relationship… it may be that your relationship has suffered illness and you want some support getting on track… the reasons are endless.

Individual Counselling & Clinical Hypnotherapy

Counselling and hypnotherapy to get you through to the next bit… to help manage you in a positive way.

Clinical Supervision for Counsellors (including Students in Training)

If you are thinking of refreshing the way you practice you may want to see a new supervisor. It is often such an enriching experience. Come and see me. I work as a person-centred supervisor and can offer you the opportunity of a supportive and engaging new relationship. Students in training - please do get in contact with me. A very warm welcome awaits you. 

Counselling for Teenagers & Children

I provide support and counselling to help either with parents or on their own if its an older child. It could be stress about exams, or it could be not fitting in, or a new relationship that is stressful, parents might be separating, difficulty talking to parents... or it could be low self-esteem and confidence, unhappiness, behaviour problems.... there are many reasons to come.


**Please note that the service is confidential unless I am worried about child / young person safety.

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Clarity Wellbeing Clinic Ltd. Company Number: 12398976

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